Purse parties have started gaining popularity in recent times. If you love your purses and are looking for an at home business, you may want to seriously consider becoming a purse party consultant and either supplement or replace your income. Before you take the leap, this article addresses the keys to success.

What is a Purse Party?

This is a party at a home where a group of women gather to socialize as well as buy stylish purses in a friendly and stress free environment. As a purse party consultant, you would be providing a selection of chic and stylish purses for the attendees to select and hopefully purchase.

You may be able to get designer purses if you have the proper supplier but you need to be sure that they are authentic designer purses as there has been a crack down on purse parties featuring counterfeit designer purses.

Purse parties are usually well attended and provide excellent sales potential since they are great for socializing and networking in addition to providing a great selection of fabulous purses. I do not know any woman that is not purse obsessed! If it is at a great price, what could be better?

The purses featured will need to be displayed attractively to stimulate buying while offering snacks, desserts, drinks or coffee to make everyone comfortable and relaxed. Some parties feature fashion shows to entice the women and allow them to touch, hold, and try on the purses before they buy. Some parties may feature a game or two just to break the ice which may not be necessary because when women see stylish purses the first instinct is to flock to the display to touch and feel.

Keys to Success

1. Register the Business

Although a lot of purse parties are unregistered, it is important to register the business to avoid legal issues in the future as well as providing certain tax advantages for a home based business.

Visit your local Chamber of Commerce and they will surely guide you in the right direction to start your small business. The small business branch may even offer some small business loans to help you with start up capital. I highly encourage you to utilize the small business resources offered by the Chamber of Commerce.

2. Find a Supplier

To successfully start your business, you need to find a source for your purses. There are several leading suppliers of purses and you just need to determine which supplier will work for you based on their prices and purse selection.

You will need invitations, a calculator, a book to collect email addresses, refreshments, and a box to hold your money received. Organization is key to success. If you decide to accept credit cards, you will need to have a merchant account which really is not necessary at the beginning of the business venture.

3. Recruitment

Once you host a successful party, you can then recruit one of the attendees to host the next party by offering incentives such as a free purse, a discount or a portion of the sales received. These parties are usually so much fun so recruiting an attendee to host a party should not be a problem.

4. Advertising
You can advertise on bulletin boards, on Craigslist, or deliver flyers door to door. If you have a successful party, this will be an excellent opportunity for word of mouth advertising. The internet also has a whole host of advertising opportunities.

It is completely up to the purse party consultant if you want to keep this venture small or build it into a very lucrative business where other do most of the selling for you at some point. It is totally and completely up to you.


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